Do I need Study Permit?

To study in Canada for more than six months (In 2021,during Covid-19, students need to apply study permit even the program is under six months), and want to become an international student, you need to apply for a Canadian Study Permit, which is a legal identity certificate during your study in Canada. According to the law, only Canadian immigration consultants can legally represent visa applications!

Refer to the Immigration law. (Study permits: Who needs a study permit)

FYD's consultant team has extensive visa experience and provides professional consultation and evaluation. The materials are written and integrated by a licensed immigration consultant of the Canadian Immigration Bureau to track the progress of the application and help you successfully obtain a study Permit.

FYD application service process:

1. Obtain the school letter of acceptance

Get the LOA (letter of acceptance) with the help of our education consultant.

2. Consultation and evaluation, planning

The consultant will conduct professional evaluation and comprehensive planning for you, and prepare the list of materials

3. Application submission

Apply by a licensed immigration consultant, submit materials, and obtain a visa