Canadian Work Permit

In most of the cases, there are four ways to apply for a Canadian Work Permit:

1. Co-op Work Permit. Internship work permit. If your school has a Co-op program and you need to complete a paid internship course to graduate, you can apply for an internship work permit. 

2. Open Work Permit for Spouse or Common-law partner. If your spouse is a student visa (study in a public school or private schools have DIL number and a degree program), you can also apply for Work Permit. If your spouse is on a work permit and is in an OAB position, you can also apply for a work permit.

3. Bridging Open Work Permit. If you have already obtained federal first stage approval and your work permit expires within four months, you can renew your work permit for another year.

4. Post-Graduates Work Permit. Graduate work permit. Public school Diploma graduates, private school Associate-Degree graduates, courses of more than certain period can apply for a work permit. You can get a three-year work permit for courses of more than two years, and you can apply without an employer’s guarantee.